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 URFF-025 in 2011
 URFF-098 in 2011
 URFF-026 in 2013

US7IID/p and US7IVW/p DX-pedition to URFF-026 in 2013.

28-30 May 2013, the US7IID/p and US7IVW/p DX-pedition took place in Ukrainskyi Stepovyi National Reserve.

All expedition

Ukrainskyi Stepovyi National Reserve is a nature reserve in the East of Ukraine, founded to protect natural complexes of the steppe. The reserve consists of five divisions, each of which represents a different type of steppe landscapes:

1. "Khomutovsky Steppe". - Novoazovsky district of Donetsk oblast, 1028 hectares reserve status since 1926.
2. "Stone Graves". - Volodarsky district of Donetsk oblast, Kuybyshevsky district of Zaporizhia Oblast, a district of 404 hectares, founded in 1927
3. "Michaylovskaya Uncultivated Land" - Lebedinsky district of Sumy oblast, 202 HA
4. "Cretaceous Flora" - Krasnyi Lyman and Slaviyansk district of Donetsk oblast, 1134 HA, founded in 1988.
5. "Kalmiusskoe" - Telmanovskij district of Donetsk region 579.6 hectares, founded in 2008.

The reserve was established in 1961, by uniting separate nature reserves "Khomutovsky Steppe", "Stone Graves", "Michaylovskaya Uncultivated Land", "Streltsovskaya Steppe" its offices are now. After "Streltsovskaya Steppe" included in the a Luhanskyi National Reserve URFF-014. In 1988, was created on another branch of the a Ukrainian Steppe reserve "Cretaceous Flora", and in 2008 Ц the branch "Kalmiusskoe".

River of Siversky Donec

In the reserve are protected 926 species of higher plants, 26 species of mammals, 115 species of birds and 10 species of fish. 40 species of plants growing in the reserve are listed in the "Red data book" of Ukraine.

US7IID/p on the air

The total area of the reserve was in the 1976 year 1634 hectares. In 1988, after the include "Cretaceous Floras" increased area up to 2756 hectares. In 2008, the area of the reserve was increased to 3335,6 hectares.


To work on the air, we used a 82m Delta Loop antenna, 100 watt transceiver Yaesu FT-840 and home made antenn tuner. Used the old laptop Cyrix-190 and MixW software.


On the a photo a US7IID/p on the air. For 48 hours in the air was made 775 CW QSO with radioamateurs from 56 countries in 5 continents.

US7IVW/p on the air

On the a photo a US7IVW/p on the air. For 36 hours in the air was made 365 CW QSO with radioamateurs from 46 countries in 5 continents.

US7IID/p on the air

QSL-route to confirm contacts for this my US7IID/p DX-pedition via US7IID, most preferably through direct mail. All received direct QSL-card will give a direct answer. All QSL-cards received through the national Bureau will be confirmed through the Bureau. In this case, please be patient. Do not send duplicate cards. Reports from the a SWL are welcome.

QSL-route to confirm contacts for US7IVW/p only via US7IVW, most preferably through direct mail.

P.S. On 20.03.2013, through the national QSL-bureau were sent US7IID/p QSL-cards for all above contacts. If you still have not received confirmation of the contact with US7IID/p URFF-098 recommend send new direct inquiry. Do not forget to send a SASE.

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      DX-pedition US7IID/p URFF-025 in 2011
      DX-pedition US7IID/p URFF-098 in 2011
      DX-pedition US7IID/p URFF-026 in 2013

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